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Saturdays in January


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Order your Flowers, Wines and Gourmet Gifts for delivery, shipping or pick-up

Next Wine Tasting, Thursday, May 15, 5:30 - 7:30 PM.

Since 1974, Lake Anne Florist has been serving the Reston area community with a range of quality floral services. Whether for a large celebration or an intimate personal observance, we offer fresh floral arrangements and unique gift baskets to help make these occasions memorable.

We are especially pleased to feature Virginia's Finestspecialty food items made locally and throughout the state of Virginia.  We feature wines from some of the 136 vineyards in Virginia – Barboursville, Breaux, Chrysalis, Horton, Pearmund, Rappahannock and more.

Shop our website or come by our Lake Anne Center store to see our assortment of floral designs, plants, specialty foods and wines. Sample some of the best chocolates in the area!

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Virginia Wine 2014 Governor's Cup Awards - Revealed !!

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